Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop, Why haven't I been here more?

  • Posted on: 12 August 2013
  • By: shaffer
What I Ate Last says?: 

 I went here when they first opened as I was living downtown at the time and I was in the mood to try a new place, and something besides bbq, pizza, or the Angry Dog sounded good. I arrived at lunch and the place was deserted. I ordered the Shaved Ribeye steak sandwich, and left with mixed feelings. The sandwich was darn good, and I liked the rest of the menu, but the lady at the counter was a bit condescending and rude. I figured I'd give a try at a later date.
Fast forwrd a year or so and I was in Deep Ellum for the food truck festival and had no desire to wait in the mile long lines for what is usually under portioned, over priced, and generally unremarkable food from the Dallas food truck scene so I headed down to commerce to give Uncle Ubers a chance again. This time the staff was cordial and the food good, though I can't remember what I had. Maybe their take on the Cuban?
Well this afternoon I was in the area and decided to try their burger that I had been told was good. I ordered a double w/ bleu cheese and bacon. The sandwich arrived minutes later and looked fantastic, The bun looked fantastic, though could have used something more and in my opiion that could would have been sweetness. The patties were cooked medium well / well done, but were juicy and falvroful. The bacon was spot on. Combining the burgers with their wonderful fries and special sauce rounded out this meal as something enjoyable. That, and the staff was great once again so I'll take the 1st visit's experience as a fluke.
A great addition to Deep Ellum which seems to be drawing a healthy lunch crowd now, no doubt due to the glowing Yelp reviews which seem to be well deserved.
Thanks guys!
Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop
2713 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

Uncle Ubers Burger